Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Pain

The pain held under beneath my skin is over.. it's not there anymore..
thank god..
but u know.. 1 comes after another..
today I learnt something new..
When we were kids , our feelings are so pure, we are so innocent , when we do wrong or even if it wasn't our fault , we admit.. although we're scared of being punished, but deep inside us we know it's our wrong , we apologize sincerely and we're willing to be punished..
but as days go by, as time passes , as we grow... we tend to forget or loose the pureness in ourselves.. and here comes the devil speaks in an almost inaudible whisper to u.. then we start to lie..we convince ourselves that we're right.. so there we never admit we're wrong since then.. even worst.. we blame..
we blame others for anything that can be even if it seems as it's a total excuse..
I don't know what to do..
oh god..
shower Your precious blood over me..
forgive me , I am a sinner..
but lord.. I thank you..
You let me see how dark this world is..
but Lord.. please do tell me what should I do . What can I do to make me a better person..
Lord.. It's hard.. It's hard for me..
I can't make everyone like me .. because they are so hard to please..
I've got things I need them to do.. in polite I ask .. in return an obstacle.. an enemy..
in love I advice.. in debt I be in .. pain is what I go through..
but lord.. what behind all this is Your Blessings..
Lord.. it is as easy to know.. but it is so hard to walk through..
Through days in the desert , by days walking the rocky path,
many times I fall , but u held me in your hand..
Mighty Lord..
Bless Them All Today..
I Love My God My Lord My Shepherd.
Glory to the Lord..