Saturday, January 30, 2010

Look !

Look ! hahaha.. I didn't noticed that I have abandoned my blog for so long.. haha
the last post was like on the 13th.
Let me just update abit about my friends ^^
2010 is truly a brand new year.
Chee Chung > Dyed his hair to BRIGHT BROWN ! but then straighten and dark brown. haha.
Si Yong > Is now a teacher in CHS !! Woo hoo~! U Go Bro~
Shen > Teacher in TTC . haha. Please don't kill the kiddies dear XD
Worm > As Lame As Possible XP
Edgar > Turning into a MAN as days goes by
Jun Lv > Changed his styleee.
Eric > My assistant in Fellowship =)
Sing > Improved in every way , really glad she found a target in life. Bravo~
Xiang Hou > Will end his studies this year . I'm waiting for you to come back patiently. hehe.
Shawn > Going to study in Taiwan, he's more outgoing nowadays, really proud of him. All the best in life Boy !
Jun > my super secretary. Bear with it darling ! I'm sure you will be just fine.
Jane > we somehow lost contact. T.T
Leong Mei Tiger XD > she's our formal fellowship teacher now. MUAHAHAHA.

well.. the list will keep going on if I don't stop here. haha
How about me?
Having a Magnificent life.
With Adorable friends.
And lighted with Wonderful care.
Loved by my One And Only Lord.
Will love others with love that had been showered over me.

Love ya'all

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Brain Burst

Oh wow.. have you ever had a feeling that your brain is about to BURST? haha
well. after 1 and a half week of school and alot of thinking and conclusions made ,
YES ! that's the feeling I'm having now. haha.
btw.. GET WELL SOON Jun..
I don't wanna see a sick Rudolph XP
at least be a healthy Rudolph la XD
With love,

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Everybody Make Some Noiseeee~!
Cameron it is.
Let the group pics do the talking .
The Hot-ness of us swiped off the cold weather in cameron .


Obviously the reason for not blogging is BUSY !
I have been trapped in piles over piles of home works just as school begins.
Forgive me people,
You won't know how it feels unless you're studying in a class like mine with teachers that are SO responsible .
" Home works are for your own good because the more you do the more you understand. " Said by most of the teachers who step in.
Yeah yeah yeah. I get the point.
then some of the teachers say " You are in 5 Belian !! Sure you all are smart and hardworking "
hahaha.. well..
That's too early to judge us by our cover.
The truth behind this ' smart ' class is...
We're just like all normal teens.
We love to play too.
We study hard and we play hard.
so... CUT Down on the home works please !
Give me some rest.
Ciaoz ~