Sunday, October 25, 2009


People have never appreciate the times we've been together, when I was free I took the time and pleasure to have fun with u..
But.. when I'm not available or not around, this is how , you'll say tons of things that you may think of it as just some words that make a phrase which expresses your feelings.. but how about mine?
What do those words mean to me when I take you as an important person and remembers things that you have not remembered about yourself or took time to make some lil things that perhaps meant nothing to you..
Never thought about that ehz?
Well.. It Hurts to know the ugly truth.
The ugly truth that you were in fact backstabbing me right infront of my eyes, pathetic that I took that as a time for you to express your feelings for the good of your health ignoring the pain that I really felt that was bleeding.
Breathless I felt, in a slight shiver, how I wished that it wasn't true.
Speak honestly for yourself today.
You were only thinking about yourself, everything you do, it was for the pleasure of yours.
Heaven is what I feel now because I'm glad I could take this as a fact and accept you the way you are.
Today, I annouce that under any circumstances , place, time or how deep you hurt me , you are a friend I heart and that is for sure.
You may not recognize this post to you .
Or maybe you would never understand or read this.
But I'm dedicating this to you , my dear friend.
This is how much I'm willing to sacrifice for you.


I'm currently undergoing pain beneath my skin through veins by veins..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I sing because I'm happy,
I'm happy because I sing.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm Happy

I'm so happy =D
Because it is such a blessing to have the chance to serve my lord.
Among billions n billions of people, I was chosen.
About that I am also overwhelmed to serve my Lord with so many wonderful , dedicated, helpful, amazing and talented brothers and sisters in Christ.
Together we are one .
I am so glad.
My heart was melted by the power of love between everyone of us.
The Love that made us pour our heart and soul for others.
For God's little children, for his glory.
Thank You Lord.
May god's blessings follow every footsteps of all of you, who served our lord with such a sincere heart.
Hallelujah praise the lord !
All for his glory !

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Judgement Day

This Morning was a beautiful morning.
I woke up with a bright smile and hoping for the best in the competition.
Although later on I received the news that wasn't as pleasant but obviously I'm not going to let that news spoil my day ehz? hehe.
Later on when I caught my sight on my partner as she came and fetch me.
Here comes the WOW FACTOR!! haha.. She looked amazing !! elegant beauty.
On the way ( school pathway/runway ) , some people seemed to have already given us their compliments that we were looking really smart XD but they said we looked CUTE more than SMART .. well.. it's still a compliment. XP COMPLIMENT ACCEPTED !! haha.
see !! u guys rocks. Gave us a confidence boost.
The make up part was hilarious. You know , just by posting this I'm already laughing my way through it. Ke Xin was like Erhzz.. ERHZ.. are you sure about this?
I'm like YEAH.. ( not really ) it was just to convince her to do it 1st so that I could see if I want teacher to put the make up for me XD.
Teacher keep urging Karen to put MORE make up for us.
I guess she as well thought it was like a grand place with SPOTLIGHTS everywhere. haha.. DREAM ON ~! XP
Thanks KAREN !! THANKS to the CIKGU's !! haha.
Sorry la karen , I just can't stop blinking my eyes ESPECIALLY after you put the mascara and eye liner for me. haha.
Now I understand why you ask me not to blink, because I came back n found out under my eyes are BLACK DARK lines. hahaha.
The Nervous Part.
we went to Seri Kembangan Zenne. haha. I thought we're like kind of over acting over this because it's just an audition . But I'm totally WRONG !! TEE TEE !!!
Everybody came with ALL they have !! From head to toe I'm sure they ain't borrowed or cheap. True performers.
The audition went great. I had fun and the judges were really supportive.
I really hope we'll get into the finals. Even if we don't it's really worth a try.
1st and of course will not be the last time =D

After that I was really exhausted . I bet everyone who entered the competition was. Let's just R.I.P.. hahaha.. REST IN PEACE !! XD