Saturday, October 03, 2009

Judgement Day

This Morning was a beautiful morning.
I woke up with a bright smile and hoping for the best in the competition.
Although later on I received the news that wasn't as pleasant but obviously I'm not going to let that news spoil my day ehz? hehe.
Later on when I caught my sight on my partner as she came and fetch me.
Here comes the WOW FACTOR!! haha.. She looked amazing !! elegant beauty.
On the way ( school pathway/runway ) , some people seemed to have already given us their compliments that we were looking really smart XD but they said we looked CUTE more than SMART .. well.. it's still a compliment. XP COMPLIMENT ACCEPTED !! haha.
see !! u guys rocks. Gave us a confidence boost.
The make up part was hilarious. You know , just by posting this I'm already laughing my way through it. Ke Xin was like Erhzz.. ERHZ.. are you sure about this?
I'm like YEAH.. ( not really ) it was just to convince her to do it 1st so that I could see if I want teacher to put the make up for me XD.
Teacher keep urging Karen to put MORE make up for us.
I guess she as well thought it was like a grand place with SPOTLIGHTS everywhere. haha.. DREAM ON ~! XP
Thanks KAREN !! THANKS to the CIKGU's !! haha.
Sorry la karen , I just can't stop blinking my eyes ESPECIALLY after you put the mascara and eye liner for me. haha.
Now I understand why you ask me not to blink, because I came back n found out under my eyes are BLACK DARK lines. hahaha.
The Nervous Part.
we went to Seri Kembangan Zenne. haha. I thought we're like kind of over acting over this because it's just an audition . But I'm totally WRONG !! TEE TEE !!!
Everybody came with ALL they have !! From head to toe I'm sure they ain't borrowed or cheap. True performers.
The audition went great. I had fun and the judges were really supportive.
I really hope we'll get into the finals. Even if we don't it's really worth a try.
1st and of course will not be the last time =D

After that I was really exhausted . I bet everyone who entered the competition was. Let's just R.I.P.. hahaha.. REST IN PEACE !! XD

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