Sunday, October 25, 2009


People have never appreciate the times we've been together, when I was free I took the time and pleasure to have fun with u..
But.. when I'm not available or not around, this is how , you'll say tons of things that you may think of it as just some words that make a phrase which expresses your feelings.. but how about mine?
What do those words mean to me when I take you as an important person and remembers things that you have not remembered about yourself or took time to make some lil things that perhaps meant nothing to you..
Never thought about that ehz?
Well.. It Hurts to know the ugly truth.
The ugly truth that you were in fact backstabbing me right infront of my eyes, pathetic that I took that as a time for you to express your feelings for the good of your health ignoring the pain that I really felt that was bleeding.
Breathless I felt, in a slight shiver, how I wished that it wasn't true.
Speak honestly for yourself today.
You were only thinking about yourself, everything you do, it was for the pleasure of yours.
Heaven is what I feel now because I'm glad I could take this as a fact and accept you the way you are.
Today, I annouce that under any circumstances , place, time or how deep you hurt me , you are a friend I heart and that is for sure.
You may not recognize this post to you .
Or maybe you would never understand or read this.
But I'm dedicating this to you , my dear friend.
This is how much I'm willing to sacrifice for you.

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