Friday, May 29, 2009

BM Project

All of us were so concentrated today I only managed to take 1 picture with kei ^^
(left me right kei)
p.s we are pretty aren't we? XD
Today was a really really tiring day but also a day filled with laughter and a wonderful day..
Hallelujah praise the lord ..
after 2 days..
I haven't had any sleep and my nose nearly bleed because of rubbing it got better..
I had this heavy flue lately that kept me all dizzy dead lifeless.
last day of exam , I was like : FATALITY ! haha..
I couldn't even open my eyes properly.
Non stop sneezing runny nose mucus could not stop dripping.
I even had to cancel my bible study class.
>.< sorry pastor.
but I couldn't even open a bottle cap.
Thx to Eddie Sharon and Jian Shen's prayer my flue is recovering just fine
but my hand it's as if I broked it.
Pain is all I can feel now.
Thx Jie for caring about me.
anyway I had fun today
Went to Jee Yan's house ..
THankss Auntiee !! You Rock !
We had dim sum in the morning and Domino's pizza as lunch
We did our project it went really well
after the project we all went mad
Especially rachel and see kei
Those girls went INSANE !
not forgetting the word violent..
Anyway.. I can't type anymore ..
As I told you I broke my right hand..
I'm currently typing with my left hand.
had lotsa fun todayy..
Obama scared see kei so much that she screamed and scream .. LOL
thank you lord..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Okayyy . here it goess.
Tagged by DEARIE Jo ^^
Rules and Regulations.
All 21 people must do unless you don't have a blog.Write the names of 16 friends you can think of in your head.And then answer the questions,Say you're guessing if you don't know,but at least guess on all of them.After doing this, tag your 21 "lucky" friends to do the same.
1 Jien
2 Jo
3 Sam
4 Shu
5 Jan
6 Ben
7 Spell
8 Sherine
9 Kee Shin
10 Jee Yan
11 Amanda
12 Anni
13 Rocky
14 Jane
15 Kath
16 Yen Yi
17 Wai Man
18 Charlene
19 Jason
20 Straise
21 June

1. How did you meet 7 (Spell)?
I wonder how ? I wonder why? lolz. erm. we were in the same primary actually.

2. What would you do if you and 15 (Kath) had never met?
I will Cry A River !

3. What would you do if 20(straise) and 1(Jien) dated?
Well .. 1. cry 2. impossible 3. laugh like mad 4. they don't know each other.

4. Have you seen 17(Wai Man) cried?
Yup.. sumhow.. out of gastric pain if I'm not mistaken.

5. Would 4(Shu) and 16(Yen Yi) make a good couple?
Nooo.. haha.. that's so wrong plus they're both taken XP

6. Do you think 11(Amanda) is attractive?
Totally SEXAY ! pheww wit..

7. What is 2 (Jo)'s favourite colour ?
Pink ? Blue? Oh no~! good question.. Jo ~! Answer for me XD

8. When was the last time you talked to 9(Kee Shin)?
Couple of hours ago in class? haha

9. What language does 8(Sherine) speaks?
Rojak ! haha.. English x malay x cantonese x TINY TINY bits of chinese

10. Who is 13(Rocky) going out with?
Ehem .. Good Question !! Rocky ! who u like huh? hahaha.. I'll force it out of him:)

11. Would you ever date 17(Wai Man) ?
Till now.. Not YET XD..haha.. Wai Man ~! I'm coming ~! XD

12. Where do 18(Charlene) live?
Puchong =) why ask? want to meet her ehz? haha

13. What is the best thing about 4(Shu)?
She's a One of a kind! special unique person =)

14. What would you like to tell 10(Jee Yan) right now ?

15. What is the best thing about 20(Straise)?
Everything about her is wonderful =) PERFECT

16.. Have you ever kiss 2(Jo)?
does words count? haha.. real life > Not yet ! Going to the next time I see her.. hehe.. MUAX !

17. . What is the best memory you have of 5(Jan)?
Had alot of fun together ^^

18. When's the next time you're going to see 4(Shu)?
hmm.. I wonder as well..

19. How is 7(Spell) different from 6(Ben)?
Haha.. wow.. best friends.. lemme see.. FACE Definitely ! haha.. height perhaps?

20. Is 2(Jo) pretty?
DEFINITELY ! HOT PRETTY FABULOUS! out of words.. my dearieee.. XD

21. What was your 1st impression of 15(Kath)?
SUPERB person ^^

22. How did you meet 3(Sam)?
How could i have not meet my cousin b4?! when she was born =)

23. Is 5(Jan) your best friend?

24. Do you hate 12(Anni)?
Of course not ! :X how can any1?

25. Have you seen 18(Charlene) in the last month?
I see her every week.. twice in a week XD

26. When was the last time you saw 16(Yen Yi)?
Few weeks b4. ICT Course . =)

27. Have you been to 5(Jan)'s house?
Nopee.. haha sure hope to =P wee~!

28. When's the next time you'll see 10(Jee Yan)?
Tomorrow !! weee~!

29. Are you close to 11(Amanda)?
Yup yup ^^

30. Have you been to the movies with 4(Shu)?
Have I? I think so. haha.

31. Have you gotten in trouble with 8(Sherine)?
Memanglah .. haha.. we've been through so much

32. Would you give 19(Jason) a hug?
Yeah. Since I haven't met him in AGES ! haha.. a symbol of missing him XD

33. When have you lied to 3(Sam)?
nope ^^ for what I remember.

34. Is 11(Amanda) good at socializing?
Very ! She's da top in socializing

35. Do you know a secret about 8(Sherine)?
A secret you say? nonono.. TONS .. haha

36. Describe the relationship between 12(Anni) and 18(Charlene).
They don't know each other, but they have 1 thing in common. they're PRETTY .

37. What's the best thing about your friendship with 9(Kee Shin)?
He's a joker. haha. Cheers people up when your mood is down. lol

39. Have you ever had a crush on 12(Anni)?
I'm not a lesbian you know? haha

40. How long have you known 2(Jo)?
It's been 5 years and still counting.. hehe

41.Does 11(Amanda) have any girlfriend / boyfriend?
Yeah.. if I'm not mistaken

42.Have you ever wanted to punch 1(Jien) in the face?
Haha.. he's too cute for me to punch .XD

43. Has 21(June) meet your parents?
Wooo~! SHE HAVE ! yeah! haha

44. How did you meet 11(Amanda)?
We were primary classmates ^^

45. Did you ever accidentally physically hurt 3(Sam)?
Yesh.. haha.. SO SORRY ! I hurt everywhere that I could hurt her when I was a kid.. haha.. especially while playing tabletennis

46. Do you live close to 7(Spell)?
Not to say close but not far either

47. What is 8(Sherine)'s favourite food?
Oops.. I don't know.. >.<

48. What kind of car does 1(Jien) have?
He can't drive yet. haha. so he doesn't have a car !

49. Have you traveled anywhere with 9(Kee Shin)?

50. If you give 14(Jane) a $100 , What would she / he spend it on?
That shopaholic would buy clothesssss shoes and moree of those 2


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've got such an uneasy feeling for tonights choir
because I still have Physics and EST tomorrow..
and furthermore I wonder if I could catch up .
maybe I should have took the chance to quit when I could.
Help me !
Don't feel like doing anything but stick my head into physics now.
I had a bad day,
I got the Report format for EST all WRONG
My add maths nearly failed as well.

Monday, May 25, 2009


This picture is just fantastic ! It brings back the happiness when I was there..
Looking at it brightens up my day and calms my thoughts.
Take a good look.
Thanks to the pro photographer : my sis in Christ Straise for taking such a wonderful picture.
It's just like the waterfall washes all the burden off your shoulders with the flow

Juz a short update that Exam is going to end soon !
can't bare to wait any longer.. haha
I've got 17 tasks in the 14 days of holiday !!
Ahhhh~! Help !

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In God We Trust

因为耶和华本为善, 他的慈爱存到永远, 他的信实直到万代。


You might wonder what's Faith ..
Let me tell you..
Faith is being sure of what we hope for ,
and being certain of what we do not see.
By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible =D
go and give yourself a think about what I just said.
You'll understand alot of incredible stuff through it.
try reading it again n again.
try to understand [ what is seen was not made out of what was visible ]
It is a beautiful day today.
God's grace is so wondeful,
His name is so beutiful,
And indeed He is so powerful .
Hallelujah praise the lord !
love you people !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Heartbroken T.T

Hmm.. today wasn't a good day for me..
in fact..
it was a terrible day.
Yup.. gray is the colour of my sky now.
I felt really sad about my maths this morning..
It was an uneasy feeling that I was gonna get bad results for it.
It was a turn over when it came to English essay.
I had more than enough time so I wrote 2 essays.
Somehow I thought that my essay wasn't that bad..
I thought I was expressing well enough to be proud of..
Seems not to dad though.
I whistle home with a happy tune , it's like my neck grew long to see how dad feels about my essay.
I thought he would say something like..
I don't expect him to say it's great or good..
but just hope that he appreciates it and ask me to work harder..
Ahah.. dream on girl..
He left me with my paper and harsh words that made my heart broke that instant.
At that moment, I was a little mad but more with sad.
I wanted to tore my paper into pieces .
but nevermind . that was bad enough for a day ehz?
wait ! look, there comes a larger wave at the back
I got a call from Hui saying that he wants to practice the songs for Sunday's church service, of course a pianist always have to say yes to him right?
You know what..
I'm getting old. haha. I'm starting to feel all pressured , why do I even care about death at this age? I'm laying in the chest of pressure , pressure from every corner are surrounding me.
so as I continue I went to church and okay yeah.. I should have been attending choir but I had to be the pianist for Sunday right? and this choir thing can wait for there won't be any performance anytime soon.
but wrong again !
what was waiting for me is teacher who was having some hard time and a really hard anger .
I knew walking in was a bad idea but I also know that you can always run but you can never hide from it. So I went in.
Guess what? Yeah ! you got it right. I got scolded.
Actually I only skipped once. what made it seem so wrong was because the week that I skipped was the week before she took 2 weeks off .
it seems as if she hadn't seen me in class for 3 WEEKS STRAIGHT which strike the anger in her.
no one knew what was hidden in the deepest core of my heart.
sorrow and depression float right up to my sight.
and it took this to another which is I performed really bad at practice..
I wonder what got into me that made me lost the spirit in me.
the spirit that treats all negative critics as positive and do better.
like I said. I'm getting old. I'm starting to feel, no matter how hard I try, I am never good enough for anyone. So why can't I stop trying?
Don't worry.. haha.. the lil cheerful humming bird in me won't leave me drowning in this pain.
but Oh god. Save me.
Heal my wounds will you ?
Heartbroken day.
An Awfully bad post.
A rough a hard day I had .
Challenges are killing me.
Come On, I'm a SURVIVOR ! XD
anyway, God bless all of them .
Although I'm hurting deep inside, god please bless them.
They just don't know how they hurt me.
I'm glad they didn't because if they did , I guess I'll be having even harder times.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yoke Nam

Woo hooo ~! hehe
went back to yoke nam todayy..
super fun weihzz
it's like sooo funny all the way the whole day..
got up like 750am. I thought I was early !
XD but I'm surprised to have noticed that.. My phone has already had 1 miss call !
wow.. wonder who? It's Eric.. hahaha
but I didn't bother to care cause I had to go brush up ..
Okay.. so I watched cartoon.. XP.. shhh.. 830am till 9.00am
but b4 9 Eric called to Push me ..
so I was like.. ermm.. FINE ! bye cartoon.. sobbing..
so I got to yoke nam.. had a small walk with Eric n dear Jin Feng..
and after that I called my lil bro.. okay.. A TALL LIL BRO..
so I met with him but.. he went with Jia Yong for a walk 1st..
then I met them back at the bus stop and waited for Jane Siang Fai Yang<>
while I was Staring at workers carrying out there duties cleaning the rubbish bins..
suddenly A female worker SMACKED the other with rubbish bags and beat her up by punching and slapping and eventually attempt to throw her boots at her..
wow I was shocked but abit curious as well..
then a tall uncle came to stop the fight..
good job uncle !
then Jane's brother was like.. that cleaner memang SOT SOT DEI 1 ! haha
I feel so tickled hearing that.. haha
then Barney came and shaked hands with me
Later on we met with Siang n all.
we went back to our old 6J which is the new 3J .
it's like SO FUN !
haha.. Jane played with Helium and Chern got whacked on the butt by Chan Chung. haha
then we went out for lunch ..
after lunch Siang they all went to CC dotaing..
and me Jane Chern and JYong head back to Yoke Nam for ice cream..
It's like SOOOOO many funny things happened throughout ..
memoriable day..
btw.. THX CHERN !
ice cream tasted really good ^^
and Yue !! Gambateh in your exam k =)
had alot of fun today..
totally worth it.
god bless ya all =D
( currently feeling really Happy ! =D )

Friday, May 15, 2009

When Bio Meets Chemistry

Omgosh ! Today ... 2 papers..
Bio paper 2 and Chem paper 1
1st time in my life..
I actually didn't have any spare time at all !
Woah.. amazing ehz..
I couldn't calculate anything !!
it's like my head is totally stucked..
right from the begining to the last word..
Hugs Jam..
let's cry and die together..
hope all of u are having alot of fun and a very nice day while I'm here sobbing over stupid Bio and Chem..
this is the story of When Bio Meets Chem it becomes When Beast meets Cinderella..
They should have never been together people !!
Boo me.
take care ppl in camp..
hope u all are having fun don't forget to bring happy memories back for me k?
Lots of Love,


Thursday, May 14, 2009


For Your Information..
I am Currently ALL STRESSED OUT !!
haha.. I'm out of brain juice people.
and guess what..
I've got 10 more days to suffer !! hahahaha
I guess u know what that means rite?
meaning.. I'm just updating for you all to know
JLoh is back..
Shout it out man !
gotta stick my head back into those big piles of books.
Love ya ppl !
Pray for me yahz! wish me luck..

Saturday, May 09, 2009

禱告 I Pray

my heart was hurting. In my heart I was crying so loudly to this song.
my heart hurts but this song really touched my heart and heal it.
thank you lord.
you heal my wounds.

禱告 I Pray




Not too close

Don't get too close..
You'll get hurt..
true true..
I've been too close .. haha..
so better keep a distance before it hurts.. =)
just a post of how I'm feeling now.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


This is how tired I am now..=)
Weeee~! I'm REALLY REALLY TIRED!! ahhh~! EXAM'S NEXT WEEK ! wish me luck ppl ! Love you Love you May I love you.. haha.. weirdooo XP.. nahhr.. juz hope that all of you wud pray for me .. PRAY HARD PPL !! XD take care Love, JLoh

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

To Shen

Keep your Spirits Up !! Keep the smile dear !
Your smile brighten up many ppls day.
Your smile warmth my heart.
and it brings us back
to what we have.
Love you
Shen A Shen. Don't worry dearr.. I will always be here for you no matter what.. I believe what your're going through is what that'll make you grow stronger.. hey dear.. don't cry in the middle of the night k? I love you u know? remember.. Our mighty god is standing on your side n will be supporting you all the way! Jesus loves you and I do too. Love you darling. I will be praying really hard for you .. Be strong yahz. cheer up ! Look at the world. the beautiful world. You are such a blessing. You are a treasure to me dear. Don't worry. Even if the world turns their back at you.. You have me that'll always be here hugging you into my arms .. sis in christ. Listen to me. No matter what they say, no matter what they tell you, it's not true. Believe in yourself. don't let them bring you down. You are so wonderful. Amazing I would say. God bless You today ! love, JLoh


I know I know!!
I know okay?

it's funny and stupid rite?! XD
Such a big sacrifice la ppl..
THANK MEEEE !! ( no I don't mean mee as in noodle? I mean as in ME ! JLOH ! )
hope u learned the ROCKER pose XP
loveeeeeeee uuuuu alll !

the midnight care

Hope ur feeling better !! =D

A picture of us ^^love u dear
Yesterday night ..
it was like 12am in the morning I wud say..
I received a msg from Jun..
she was feeling awfully lost.
which made me think back , when I was still a kid..
that was the feeling that haunted me back then.
yesh girl.
this post is dedicated to you..
XD cry me a river. nahh..
I consider you as a blessing from god to me all along..
You were there for me when I needed you ^^
your a listener as well as a good helper .
but oh girl..
don't stress yourself out too much..
many ppl will be worrying abt u..
hope u'll feel better soon.
You belong to us.. we are a biggg family girl ^^
always here for you..
anytime anywhere.
JLoh will be there..
always ready to lend an ear and shoulder.
always ready to wipe ur tears..
Jesus hears ur cries.
=) love u!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Birthdayyy !!

A picture of the cake I made to go with this post.. yum yum ehz? (yummy~!)
lately I noticed..
every year.. I spend alot on peoples birthday present..
u all better feel really touched..
Hey ppl..
breathe in the air..
the breeze..
and feel..
it's somehow a fragrance in the air..
when u feel the breeze touching your face softly and breathe it in..
you'll feel really lucky..
n you'll feel all the love n care your friends , family and god gave you..
and the ones that are quietly pouring their love for you..
cheering you up when your down..
this is a post for today..
quotee of the dayyy..
Love is in the air, but if you don't breathe it in,
it'll be left gliding with the breeze.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Labour Day

I actually said PRAISE THE LORD just because the traffic light turned green.. XD
funny ehz? dun laugh !
I was feeling really blue today.. but god gave me strength to overcome..=)
although someone I know was never there for me when I needed that person..
but God bless you anyway..
you chose to leave me when I needed u the most..
what can I do? hahaa.
God bless you bahz..