Tuesday, May 05, 2009

the midnight care

Hope ur feeling better !! =D

A picture of us ^^love u dear
Yesterday night ..
it was like 12am in the morning I wud say..
I received a msg from Jun..
she was feeling awfully lost.
which made me think back , when I was still a kid..
that was the feeling that haunted me back then.
yesh girl.
this post is dedicated to you..
XD cry me a river. nahh..
I consider you as a blessing from god to me all along..
You were there for me when I needed you ^^
your a listener as well as a good helper .
but oh girl..
don't stress yourself out too much..
many ppl will be worrying abt u..
hope u'll feel better soon.
You belong to us.. we are a biggg family girl ^^
always here for you..
anytime anywhere.
JLoh will be there..
always ready to lend an ear and shoulder.
always ready to wipe ur tears..
Jesus hears ur cries.
=) love u!

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Rocky said...

haha, looks like twin... so cute !