Friday, December 25, 2009


I have the peace of god and also the god of peace in my heart.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


A. You prefer :
1.Alcohol or Mineral Water :
-- Mineral water !!

2.Blue or Pink :
-- Both

3.Hot Guys or Cool Guys :
-- Hawt =D

4.Good Looks or Brains :
-- Both please

5.Taylor Swift or Taylor Lautner :
-- Non?? haha

6.Friends or Loved Ones :
-- Love ones = family?? hahaha.. Okay.. both XD

7."Baby" or "Honey" : Baby sounds better? -- Baby .

B. Your/You kind of guy : 1.Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic : Non for sure!

2.Good or Bad :
Good boy =D

3.Brave or Cute :
Brave + cute XD

4.Tall or Short :
Tall like DUHR

5.T-Shirt or Suit :

6.Coat or Leather Jacket:
Haven't thought of that. haha. depends on how my guy look perhaps? haha

7.Sunnies or Spectacles :

8.Caring or Rich :
Caring. =)

9.Kisses or Hugs :
Warm warm hugs.. hehe

10 .Romantic: Of course it's a must. XD

C.Your/You kind of girl :

1.Cute or Pretty :
erhm.. why don't you ask sum1 else. haha.

2.Sweet or Caring:
both =D

3.Sports or "Princess Candle" :

that'll be SUPERB

5.Smile or Frown :
You should have asked smile or laugh like mad. hahaha.. SMILE !! =D

6.Love Quotes or Love Poems :
Poems are romantic
< Agree with Jun

7.Computer Geek or Study Nerd :
I could turn into a study nerd if I want to. XP

8.SMS or MSN :
I prefer face- to- face and heart- to-heart talk.
< Agrees again! haah

9.Forever or Just For Fun :

10.Hang outs with Friends or Couple Date :
depends on who.. hahaha

Your Daily Activities :

1.After Breakfast :School?

2.Before School: Preparing for school?

3.During School : Study like mad + chit chat. XD

4.After School : Lunch and NAP !! haha

5.Night: TV =D

6.Midnight : in my dreams? haha 7.Holidays : camps , outings , shopping (if I'm not broke yet ) , HAVE FUN !! =D
Tag 10 people :

1. Yi Jun
2. Wee Jien
3. Kee Shin
4. Jo
5. Shen
6. Rocky
7. Ferz
8. Jane
9. Sherine
10. jee yan

1.What if 9 confesses that he/she likes you ?
She was always in love with me ain't she. XD

2.Will you go out for a couple date with 3 if he/she asks to ?
Totally NOT.. haha.. later kena slap XP

3.Is 7 single ? guess so? how would I noe? XD

4.Describe 1 My darling , sweetie , dear , honey ,baby .. what else? hahaha.. BEST FRIEND FOREVER!

5. Will you date 8? DUHR.. She's sizzling hot weihz. hehe

6.What is 2's nickname ? Jam

7.What do you wish to tell 10 right now ? Merry Christmas !!

8.What is 5 good in ? Basically Everything =D

9.If you were to do one thing to 4, what would it be? Ask her out.. Miss her sooooooo much !!

10.Have you seen 1 cried ? Yes, uncountable times XD

11.Is 2 crazy or geeky ? Crazy chicken says it all XD

12.Will you hold 7's hand and walk around ? What?! hahaa. I'll get murdered by all his fans.. hahaha

13.What do you think of 6 ? Super cool designer =)

14.Will you kiss 3 when there is only both of you in the park ? Nooooo~! What kind of question is that suppose to be? hahaha

15.Is 8 sweet ? Yes.. depending on her mood.. XD

16.What is 9's hobby ? Shopping perhaps? haha

17.Will you date 10 to a high class restaurant? Narh..let's just get our tummy full.. hahaa

18.Is 5 fitted to be a maid? Not bad either. haahah.. but she's too good to be a maid..

19.When it started raining, who will you seek for an umbrella? Anyone have an umbrella ~~~???

20. Where would you go with 1 on a date? Anywhere.. as long as it's her !! hehe

Shen darling

We had lots of fun together =) You're my sister remember?
so.. don't frown, cry as hard as you want but remember to come back with a smile.
I don't want to see a crying baby. XD
You're a strong girl =D I'm always here for you k..
A shoulder , an ear oh and perhaps few pieces of tissues.. haha
All the best in life.
This is just a part of it.
Do not pray for an easy life, but pray to be a strong person.
There is always a sad phrase and a rocky path on the journey of life,
but hang on to it.
God will walk with you .
Just follow his footsteps.


Heart And Soul

Here it is.
My heart and soul ,
ready for you,
only you.
Just because there is non-other like you.
Whom shall I fear when I have you,
not the ocean , not the mountains .
I shall only fear of You.
Al-mighty God.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Currently LACK of money.. haha..
Money is so important lately.
Without money, you can't get any stuff you want, no entertainment not to say any fun, can't go anywhere far without transportation charges.
Money Money Money, it's haunting me lately.
Everything I do seems to be all related to Money.
Money money money, can't get away from money.
Rich or poor it's all about money.
I'm too young to be worrying about money.
But Oh My,
Yes I am Now..
And I am BUSTED.. haha

Monday, December 07, 2009

Mission Trip

I'm truly blessed.
I feel so blessed to have been chosen among BILLIONS to share the gospel of heaven. Praise the lord.
Thank you god for leading and guiding me through these 6 days .
Let me share my thoughts and thanks.
1st , through these days , I gone through the hardest test of faith and bravery.
Trust in the lord and blessings falls on you.
This is so true.
I put all my faith and all my beliefs in god, guess what, miracles happened .
Miracles didn't just happened once or twice. It happened non stop through the whole trip.
This is such an amazing experience that you can really feel and see god's mighty powers and doings.
Second, these days I learned so much. And I was blessed with the chance to share gospel to many people that weren't familiar to me.
I went through fear , butterflies in my tummy , excitement , satisfaction and in the end glory to the lord.
This is just so unbelievable .
I went through god's guidance. He was with me the whole time. I can feel him.
He spoke to me, he gave me strength , even when we were exhausted , scared and lost, He kept us close to him and wipe of our fears yet gave us strength.
He is our shepherd and our King who listens to our prayers.
I grew so much and I thank my pastor , teachers and friends for being so sweet , helpful , nice and tolerant through these days.
Everyone have been so cooperative and caring although we were under attack (Satan and fatigue) .
Hallelujah , he brought us through.
Thanks you everyone.
Love was shown in every movement and voice of ours each and everyday.
And I believe till this moment , the love is still warm in our hearts.
Special thanks to
Pastor > you lead so us well, you gave us this chance, you gave us training. Even you were tired, you never complained. Love you pastor.
Chee Ping teacher > You were so willing to sacrifice we all can see. Your care for everyone of us I believe all of us can feel it deep inside us.
Hiong Wee teacher >> thank you for fetching us here and there , I know it used up alot of your concentration. Thank you so much.
Yu Han teacher >> you taught me well teacher. I'm so thankful that you were there. =)
Mei Si teacher >> You are just so sweet. Thank you for always giving me advice and being so helpful.
Yan Yan >> You rock my world and you know it =)
Xiang Hou >> You are just sooooooooo cute and smart bro =) I'm really glad we had you. You made everything seem so smooth. Thank you so much.
Yee Kin >> Although you came late but I'm glad you came safe. Glad you made it =) you were a great help to us .
Eric >> Aww.. you are non other than a funny fun and cheerful boy who just make me laugh whenever I see you.. =) Thank god for giving me such a cute angel. btw. You done so well on your sharing. Bravo.
Phebe >> You slept with me and we had fun . haha. We went through alot have we? I miss you so much darling. May god keep on blessing you through ur everyday yea.. thank you for being so nice. Hallelujah you did so well while spreading the gospel.
Shi Min >> my dear roommate. You are just so cute. haha. I'm so glad I had the chance to sing for you to sleep. thank you so much for giving me support when I was down . and You were wonderful , praise the lord you spread the gospel.
Shi Ling >> Oh dear , you are funny. hehe. Thank you for laughing so much. hahaha. It really washed away all my worries. hehe.
Philia >> Philia sis, you're a person who is so helpful and caring. I'm so proud of you =) . I learned alot from you these days. thank you so much.
Zhe Ning >> You are so adorableee.. Thanks for all the warm hugs you gave me to boost up my confidence.. hehe. Love ya!
Min Wei >> Although I just known you these days but you've already taken a big part of my heart with you. haha. Thanks for helping out so much. without you we won't be as perfect too.

I'm am truly touched and filled with joy this precise moment.
May the lord be with all of you.
Lots of love,