Thursday, September 01, 2011

These days

Starting from 26th of August 2011..
The day I longed for with excitement and have been ecstasy over. The day I return to my home sweet home, KL.
I packed and make sure everything was in place and imagined every single little detail that might happen and the familiar faces I were to recognize, I hummed and tip toed, skipped or whatever with delightful thoughts.
By 5pm or 530pm, my lecturer, a fellow friend of mine and I hurried down to da bus station and waited patiently for our bus to arrive. By 630pm, the moment my bus turned up, voiced it's bumpy sound and showed a wavering smile, I quickly flicked my bag in and settled down into my seat, again, the images of joyful laughter and enjoyments. But soon, I fell into a short sleep, even smiling in my dreams.
By the time I reached the bus stop where I walk up the escalator like those heroes who were warmly welcomed back to their country and walking with proud and dignity, as I scan the crowd looking for ... YES ! there they are, mom and dad.
Waving with happiness and tears of joy rolling in their eyes I see, immediately the song of Come Back played loudly.
As I hugged them with warm and gratefulness, I wonder how are the others doing, I just can't stand another minute longer to get home.
Soon, after reaching home, I rushed in to take a look , mom gave me a tour around the house and I had to go through all the switches to get the right one for the lights or fan to turn on.
After the long plus never ending stories, I went to bed with dreams about the surprise I had for my mates the second day.
27th Saturday, as planned I went to meet my bestie Jun darling <3 after meeting up we had these heart to heart talks as always that many might be jealous about. After dinner, we took half an hour after many prayers to get the right buses to get to our desired destination.
Anxious to know how'd they react on knowing my arrival, we MARCHED in with a mischievous look hanging around.
We were not disappointed of course as their face expressions were MARVELOUS I may say, Cooler than ever. It was a history that should be recorded. How much I wished that those faces were SNAPPED with a camera. Those loud screams and bear hugs, they meant so much to me =) I love you guys very much and you know that.
28th Sunday
Went to my lovely church that I have always loved and worship well. The church I first started to serve my Lord, my God. The holy place where God and I would always meet with my best wear. After that I had lunch with daddy and mummy, and enjoyed such a delicious, mouth watering meal in Ribs by Vintry with my brother and family. Thanks kor for the threat, really appreciate it.
29th Monday
I had sessions with my secondary friends where we met up and updated each other of our lives and studies. Loved the time spent with them, it was just so different, I still feel close. Meng Leong, I really treasure a guy friend like you =D You're such lovable.
Night, I had football and captain ball games with my wonderful loving church mates. It was painful at a stage but still it was a memory to remember for always. =) Let's do it again some other time alright? ^^ The session ended by around 12 and I got to bed by 2am. During the game, a little surprise came around as my darlings came for a visit though with sickness and pain, they came. Thank you so much. I love ya'all.
I had quality time with dad, as we went for a little shopping and we had this Thai lunch together. It wasn't as good as we expected but it's the sharing of life I care about, so thanks dad for the time spent with me, I truly enjoyed it.
After that I spent time with mom in da kitchen as she does her way dancing through the kitchen with my dinner and we'd talk alot as usual during her cooking time. We watched dramas together and sang after dinner. I like the bonding session alot I may say so myself.
Merdeka day =) It was a relaxing day, it started out with table tennis games with mummy and other aunties. My table tennis skills have totally weakened and downgraded. It was as if washed away by the days of my life. My skills faded like footsteps on the sand as the sea washes them away. Then I rested my day off while trying to check my results.
1st of Sept
As I notice this was the last day being back here, I could not stop but feel the adrenaline rush through my veins under my skin, thinking about all the stuff not done and the things I want to do, the people I want to meet again before I leave, as I admit the fact that time was not enough, the pressure in my vessels pushed my body to another level. I jumped out of bed by 8 and waited for Jie to pick me up for our badminton game. She came by 920am, yet I was pleased, she came. Reached by 10am, straight away our game started. I had the score of 3:2 win over lose. Average. As the 1st moment of separation was not as harsh, it was alright, a simply goodbye and I was gone like the wind rushing for the 1pm appointment to the book fest. I ran slightly late as I only manage to get home by 1240 and I hurried my way like the hurricane to the LRT station, glee to find I was not the last to be there and was only few minutes of delay. Blabla skip! We announce ourselves present at KLCC, for I don't know how long I haven't been there, YA ! I was there. Went around for an hour or more and we left as they didn't wanted to go for the book fest. It was a little wasted for me but oh well, it's just not my luck I guess. It's okay. The Next Event came right after I got home for about an hour? We went to Padi house for a tiny gathering and celebration for Jien's bday. Meng Leong again kindly gave me a ride. A small bonding session was okay I guess, oh not to miss out that narcissism and self potrait camwhore time.
As I had to leave for the LAST session, my heart cracked and broke into pieces as when I was tightly hugged in their arms, the feeling of not willing to be separated or the feeling of selfishness where you want more time, more voices to be heard, to stay.
Still, I left, leaving behind my beautiful blessings for them.
Last came Pastor and Shen. Our trio time, it went from the peak to the valley and to the saddest yet filled with hope points. We ran through quickly about all the yes and nos, the cons and pros, the true and false, the wicked and worthy to our bonded prayers. It was a blessed session.
Praise the lord, again when I had to step down from the car back to my house, the thought of saying goodbye once again touched my heart. I knew I had to go, sooner or later, for the better or for the worst. Goodbye I had to say, Shalom everyone. Love is what I could give, blessings were what I could ask for you to have, memories are the things I keep in my mind always, gratefulness gave me motivation to move on, smile I wished to see on your faces and lastly God is the one who keeps us bonded.
I love you all. Thanks for being my friends and family, I thank God deeply for such beautiful beyond description plans that I could never comprehend. You are always in my heart =)
JLoh 2011.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


EHEM !! how long have I not been blogging? LOL silly question I may say.
Today I'm dedicating my 1st post after a season to my dearest CRAZY BUG - SHEN Wen.. haha.
One day there was this pretty looking girl who walked in to our fellowship door. She was wearing PINK with jeans. Her cheeks were

Yes, ROSY. haha.. and basically three crazy bugs came to warm her up ...
Yup.. as you can see.. POSING SILLY POSES IN PUBLIC AREA WHEN EVERYONE'S WATCHING !! You seriously cannot imagine how silly they can be ^^ Slowly...
The 3 members weren't TRIOS anymore.. THEY BECAME..

Now.. among these 4 , the REAL ORIGINAL crazy bug is

Crazy enough to do that ehz?!
* P.s Kids please don't try this at home. Especially during midnight. Your parents may freak out XD

Crazy Bug Disease Soon Affected Shen Wen Badly as you can see..

Due to the cacated tongue, she had her own craziness...
Soon.. they became crazy partners who've been crazy EVERYWHERE and they CAMWHORED EVERYWHERE !!
Including camps,

They camwhore before bedtime

They also camwhore RIGHT after they wake up

They camwhore in the toilet
CAMWHORE facing the car miror

They EVEN camwhore IN THE JUNGLE !! AHHH~!

And of course Shen grew to be a leader too =D from..


but that doesn't mean we're not crazy okay?
We work hard and PLAY HARD !

*p.s Did you happen to notice that Shen camwhored from BRACES to BRACES OFF?
Moral of the story : RELAX... Don't stress too much alright? hees.

I just love every sec spent with you darling =D thanks for being with me all along, supporting me and having fun with me =D ILY !
AND I love you JUST the way YOU are =)


Monday, January 31, 2011

A Brand New Year

It's a brand new year !
A new start !
I want to praise the lord in the starting of this year ! HALLELUJAH ! =D
He is just so wonderful.
He showed such mercy and so much love , 2011 started out with His deep deep love pouring down on me ^^
It started with having the chance to go to disciple training.
He SERIOUSLY knew what's best for me and what I needed.
Then, throughout this training , I once felt a little cold and abandoned as my church mates have not been in contact with me since the day I left.
But He never fails to comfort me with His special ways by showing me how beautiful the world is , how beautiful His creations were.
He taught me how to appreciate more and love others with all you have.
He gave me strength and wisdom to see the needs of others . He blessed me with these eyes to see the pain others are going through.
God also held my hands tightly and show me the way to help others.
He moved my legs to walk the path that is Right for me.
Lord knew how much I like to praise him with my voice.
He gave me a present, a gift that I treasure so much, that is the gift of having voice that sings his praises.
What else should I ask for other than to glorify him?
How could i ever repay His almighty love and grace?
I could only pray that in everything I do, everything I say glorifies him and brings joy to him.
May I use his blessings to bless more people.
May I use the blessings he gave me to help others.
2011 Here I come !