Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puchong Fellowship

Yum siew ?! hahaha. Attention ~! People !! Don't be JEALOUS !! hahaha. wee~!

Ehhh~! Wat la Zhe. haha. So sad merh take pic with me.. T.T. haha.

Wahahhaa.. Revenge !! Eric giving him the face he gave me earlier. XP

The Most Normal Pic of us. haha. Yay! I look good here XD

Da Most Lovable Teacher of all =D Sir Guo Hua.

From Left > Hung , Me , Sing , Ann, Eric.
Went for Puchong's fellowship on Saturday.
I waited Soooooo Long for that one and only chance and IT WAS SO WORTH !!
Puchong fellowship ROCKED weihz.
Seriously , as expected, Sing Eric and I were like displays as we stepped into Puchong church cause of our loud voices XD
We were Noisy but Funny , Fun and Cute . hehehe.
We chat with our old mates , teacher and Pastor.
As the fellowship started , it started a great educational and fun time.
I had so much fun and learned so much that day =D
Super Happy.
after that took pic with Our Mates =D
And that's all.. Byeee~!

Feeling Better and Off to FRIM again

Early in the morning b4 the trip. Ain't convincing enough right? haha.

B4 the trip =D see !! told you I was feeling better.. look at me. haha. Semangatnya~!

Yes Sir Yes Sir !! =)
SUPER CUTE LIL KID ! gosh.. She's so going to grow up into a great looking lady =D

Went to FRIM again today. haha. But sadly it rained heavily. Awww.. That wasn't going to stop us from going through the jungle ppl. haha. we still went.
But we went for the easier root. But somehow it was too easy , not challenging at all. So it killed our excitement. haha.
But anyway after getting wet by the rain we changed at head for lunch.
Lunch was Delicious ! what a delicacy. hehe. But 2nd day I had a small Flue.
Due to being wet by the rain and not bathing right after. haha.

ICT lawatan to Unitar

Jun ate Uncle Bob popcorn chicken in the hall b4 the seminar starts AGAIN. and look at the way she's eating it.. Mmm~! Yummy~! hehe.
Went to oldtown white coffee since there was spare time =D
All I can say is.. BAD. haha.
Seriously wasn't an enjoyable trip .
Everything was just so WRONG.
haha. Certainly didn't learn much. Will NEVER ENTER UNITAR !! hahaa.

The Day

What is the papaya doing in this post? Nothing actually. hahaha. Just found a nice papaya shape in this papaya =D
Doctor said I needed imported antibiotics . There it is, this is how it looks =) Capsule.

This is the day I coughed blood. hahaha.
Pictures of my medicine. T.T.

Sick days

You know why my hand is over there? Because, 1 sec before this pic was taken I coughed. haha.

Before sleeping.. Ahah. I know that my bed sheet is super cute =D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ahah !! I'm back ppl !!
XD yay !! I've won over the scary sickness.
Let me see.
I'm so disappointed of myself cause my results really sucked..
Anyway Thank god I'm Free From Lung Infection ( I hope )
k laa..
just a small update.
Gotta go out later.
Holidays are just by the corner.
Any1 who want to ask me out better hurry cause schedule is NEARLY FULL!!
So Rush Up yeah !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lung Infection

This morning.
I was so ready for school. I changed wash up packed my bag ate breakfast.
but suddenly.. the sound of my cough told me something scary.
the sound was as if a spoiled car engine was on the run.
And then I started to cough aloud and hard untill I can feel the pain in my chest Soooo deep that it's like nailing nails into my chest.
At that moment , my mind was blank.
I kept coughing untill it was time to cough out the Phlegm.
Guess what I saw with my bear eyes.
It was blood.
Blood yes blood.
Okay. Not A Patch of blood la people.
You all watch too much dramas. XP
it was just a little bit of blood mixed with my phlegm.
Straight away. The doctor it is to see.
doctor heard my cough. he was like.
Doctor :" it seems like a very bad cough. What colour is your phlegm? ( yellow ) you're lungs are infected. " then he start scribbling notes.
Then I thought of letting him know.
So I told the doctor :" in fact, I coughed out a bit of blood this morning "
then Doctor was like. Oh. change of plan.
I'm giving you imported Antibiotic rather than the normal ones for stronger effect. we don't want to get weak now cause it's easy to catch H1N1 .
so I went back home after taking my medicine.
ppl please pray hard for me.
Doc said. Anything more than 4 days should be admitted to hospital for check up.
Pray hard ppl !! Pray hard !!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FRIMxBeryl's / Sweet Sweat

YAY!! I'm BACK !! from??? A wonderful School Trip =) !! to where??
Concentrate la you !! FRIM !! and the Chocolate Factory >> Beryl's !!

Okay =D as you know how worried I was that I'm so scared that I would probably faint in FRIM.. guess what ! Nyahahahaha.. I made it !! I went through it =D
Thanks to all the people who supported me with their prayers and people who helped me through the walking and climbing of that mountain..


reached school , thumb in and we head to find others. (Me & Xin )

gather up at the back gate waiting with excitement for the bus to come . In the meantime , Camwhore starts here.

Fight to get some great seats in the bus XP it's good to be 4sc3..hehe.

7:50 - 8:05
Settle down and do nothing .. or busy doing something of their own.. like?
let me see.. Jee Yan > eating her roti boi.. Kee Shin > DG .. Meng Leong > Nanny busy counting . Ke Xin and I just chat our excitement.. Jun > smelling Jee Yan's bread perhaps? haha..

okay.. we celebrated Shu Zhi's birthday !! btw. HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again !!
then we sang Sha La La in the bus. We watched this sick show half way ( The last house) and listen to alot of songs n of course listened to the tour guide =)

Everyone was Paranoid ! hahaha scared of leech la mosquitoes la. Who freaked out the most?? non other than JEE YAN.. hahaha.. Jien brought salt water, Xin brought Salt, Sharon brought Anti Leech n Mosquito spray. So? I had no worries XP

Here's the part where we start Keep Walking Keep Keep Sweating in FRIM.. XD
gosh.. super LONG way lo. The hillarious part was all of us were sweating like HIPPOS hahaha As if the pipes were broken . hahaha. Aww.. thanks to all my friends. you all helped me through when I was so tired that I couldn't move due to the fever I just recovered from yesterday =) you all rock !! you all make me strong!!

So it drizzled just that we marched out like heros from the forest XP n so we rushed up the bus in like few secs? and headed to our All Time Favourite = McD !!
wee~! I had Fillet O Fish and then I had to eat up 6 nuggets, which were decent but FILLING haha. so full..

Meanwhile in the bus .. SLEEP !! pigs.. hahha.. just finish eating all sleep ..
then some just had little chats. Decide if we wanted to skip school tomorrow. shhh.. While meng leong was bz counting us again. haha. Sing Songs again and they did alot of gay stuff XD

We had a great time starting from .. The toilet? hahaa.. then we went in for the introduction film then through the tunnels of " THE MAKING of Beryl's " and to the place we packed ourselves to buy Beryl's chocolate. Gosh. they're making big money man ! haha. we ate ALL the samples XP.. come on.. it's free right? XD

The exhausted period. Every1 died out. hahaa. NOT! the bus put on TRANSFORMER ! Ahhhh~! stupid bus.. hahaha.. I got dizzy because of the tranformers were jumping here and there and the speaker were busting loud.
and Kee Shin was shouting BUMBLE BEE BUMBLE BEE ..hahahaha!! laugh at him ppl !! muahahaha.. then meng leong was like MEGAN FOX MEGAN FOX. Others were probably trying to sleep. Guess Bear was dreaming back of the time Sharon n him super sweet in the forest. aiyerr. hahaha.. si weet si weet er XD

SCHOOL SWEET SCHOOL !! WE'RE BACK ! Funny scene was just as they step down from the bus , you'll see them take out their phones and start calling. Straight away you can see 40 STUDENTS WERE CALLING THEIR PARENTS ! Tiring we were but This cannot stop the Camwhore semangat. After we walked to the stand to wait for our parents to fetch us. Picturess were taken !! hehe. fun !! =)

Good relaxing Shower =D

It was a super tiring but fun day. Had so freaking much fun and such great time with Jien Xin and Jun =D love u bestiess !! muax!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

here it goes

Nice right?? totally love it ~! Happiee~!

my Art collection. Weee~!
Me and Shen =D TIRING !!

The lights in da restaurant =)

nice arhx?
Terrorist? or H1N1 Influenza A defence?

Wei wei's hair really geng nerhx. haha. cool right?

Pictures taken b4 I had all these sickness. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post 90

Really wanna thank u guys who have been there for me when I'm sick..
Although I'm still sick.
my high fever haven't been off for 2 days now.
Didn't get any sleep yesterday cause my body was burning.
so I had to keep myself cool with wet cloth.
Yeah.. that sucks.
People I want to thank is.
Zhe , Ke Xin , Jun , Sam and many more..
Especially Zhe and Ke Xin.
You 2 rock to da max !
really thankful that I have such wonderful angels in my life..
Zhe gave me all the courage ,bravery , advices and laughter that I've ever needed.
Ke Xin helped me so much since I got sick.
She was with me all the time.
thank you girl.
Can't imagine life without u 2..
So touch..
my heart have been melted by 2 of you.
I'm so glad that I've met u both.
thank god.
hallelujah praise the lord.

Sick.. Part 2..

Oh no~!
2nd round of fever..
after the 1st round of fever I took my panadol and I felt better..
But 2nd round came right after.
My head is like burning in the oven but my hands n legs are like Ice cold.
and this flue..
Oh gosh.
I'm like sneezing my intestines out..
Pray for me yeahz.
Had high fever.
Bad cough .
And Super Flue.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Pronouced Sick

GREAT.. haha
JLoh is pronouced SICK !!
Ahhhh~! T.T..
gosh.. cough really hurts man..
imagine it's like coughing your lungs out.
Ouch ehz?
I'm summoned to stay home for the time being..
I had fever Yesterday till this morning ,
I though of going for a long long walk to the market to and fro from my house.
Guess what..
My fever is off now..
but the cough just won't leave me .
I know you admire me, but come on ~! Give me a break will you?
the fever made me go coo coo did it?
Now I'm saying that my cough is as if my admirer.
k la..
bye ppl.
JLoh = sick.

Friday, August 07, 2009

A post For the Cousins

Sammm !!
You better get well soon..
And so do you Tim..
both of you arhx..
Better get well b4 I head to your house people.
Freaking miss both of you.
plus SUPER worried .
Har .. Sam..
Don't laugh.
Don't be so happy that you can skip school a week when I'm dead bored with school.
I'm so gonna get you.. hahaha
Hope you 2 get well soon k?
going over to your place as soon as you get well k?
Hugss !!
Muax !!
God bless you 2..
Love you cousinsss..

Jo Tagged me AGAIN ! hah XD

1. what are you doing now besides blogging?
- Chatting with friends on msn.

2. Who's the last person you sms'ed ?
- b4 my credit died. I guess it was Christiano.

3. Who's the last person you emailed ?
- Pastor Gene. XD

4.If you woke up of bed and find yourself in the middle of the mountain. What would you do?
- Check if I'm dreaming and check if my phone is with me.. And of course..

5. What kind of boy/ girl you like?
- Let me see. Kind ,hyper , happy , fun , humorous , talented , Cute .. actually seriously. I don't mind to be friends with emo or sad ppl.. XD.. I can be you're counselor XD

6. Who is the person that you had a crush on recently?
- Noo?

7. Describe the person you mentioned in no.6
- Ehem. My answer was no no ? hahaha..

8. If you see RM10000000 on the floor.. what would you do with it?
- Keep it ^^

9. The last time you took a picture with?
- I took a picture of Izen. does that count? haha

10. Describe something about yourself that others might not have. Honestly.
- I get hyper after taking injections XD.. Super happy .. HONESTLY !!

11. CUT !! hahaha.. this question is just freaking weird weihz

12. If you were given the chance to marry someone in your friends link in you blog,
who would it be?
- Secret.. XP.. pluss.. even if I want to.. that person may not want to right? XD

13 . I shall tag..
PEOPLE WHO WANNA DO IT.. DO IT ! cause it's fun ^^ once in a while..

Birthday Boy

You asked me a question that I answered with full confidence..
You asked me.
Do I know you well..
I said Yes at least I think so.
And so you asked..
what kind of person you think I am.
Describe my personality.
And so I told you in one shot.
And so the answer tells this story.
A story between u and I.
Being friends of 8 years and still counting.
I pronounce you A BIG BOY NOW.
Happy Birthday On the 2nd of August which I waited to post a birthday post for you. May you keep on growing in our Mighty god's love.
And of course.. May our friendship Never Ends !!
Be confident in me Ric =) I know you well..hehe..
and Congratz to you since you've won 3rd prize for the poetry recital competition.
You rock !! weee~!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Chosen Ones

Okay !!
the Babies that I call Must gambateh with me !!!
1. WORM !
6.ERIC !

Okayyy.. Look here ppl..
u all better gambateh together with me arhhx..
Worm Jun Lv n Ferz..
we must gambateh together in our studiess !!
Straight A's here we comeee ~! Ahhhh~!
Especially worm n Jun Lv
For TAN SHEN WEN and Charlene !!
JiaYou JiaYou !!
Ericcc !! Be strong !!
we must walk on !!
Life is not easy.. but we have our lord with us..
whom other shall we fear when He is here with us? =D

Love u all ppl !!

The chit chat.

I'm chatting with my girl-friend Jun..
guess what lame things we're doing..
okay fine I was the lame one who started it..
it's like..
JLoh , Jun

JLoh : yo

JLoh: yoyo

JLoh:yoyoyo !

Jun: yoyoyoyoyo !

Jun: wassup yoyo

JLoh : yo yo yo u noe the nono is playing yoyo n it's soso freaking lowlow to play
toto while having koko.
etc etc.
I guess you can see just from the begining of the conversation..
it is already lame enough to kill a bull..
Just a lil post.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Let's see some pictures

I love you loads ppl.. =D
Nice ehz?? =D pianist of the day.

My shirt says.. " I Love Me" loving myself means taking care of my health =D
Jelly's I made.. nice right? yummy~! XD

It was right above my head =D so romantic.. haha

Look !! ur too close to me.. haha
I'm in my cheerleading uniform..=D