Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Post 90

Really wanna thank u guys who have been there for me when I'm sick..
Although I'm still sick.
my high fever haven't been off for 2 days now.
Didn't get any sleep yesterday cause my body was burning.
so I had to keep myself cool with wet cloth.
Yeah.. that sucks.
People I want to thank is.
Zhe , Ke Xin , Jun , Sam and many more..
Especially Zhe and Ke Xin.
You 2 rock to da max !
really thankful that I have such wonderful angels in my life..
Zhe gave me all the courage ,bravery , advices and laughter that I've ever needed.
Ke Xin helped me so much since I got sick.
She was with me all the time.
thank you girl.
Can't imagine life without u 2..
So touch..
my heart have been melted by 2 of you.
I'm so glad that I've met u both.
thank god.
hallelujah praise the lord.

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