Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puchong Fellowship

Yum siew ?! hahaha. Attention ~! People !! Don't be JEALOUS !! hahaha. wee~!

Ehhh~! Wat la Zhe. haha. So sad merh take pic with me.. T.T. haha.

Wahahhaa.. Revenge !! Eric giving him the face he gave me earlier. XP

The Most Normal Pic of us. haha. Yay! I look good here XD

Da Most Lovable Teacher of all =D Sir Guo Hua.

From Left > Hung , Me , Sing , Ann, Eric.
Went for Puchong's fellowship on Saturday.
I waited Soooooo Long for that one and only chance and IT WAS SO WORTH !!
Puchong fellowship ROCKED weihz.
Seriously , as expected, Sing Eric and I were like displays as we stepped into Puchong church cause of our loud voices XD
We were Noisy but Funny , Fun and Cute . hehehe.
We chat with our old mates , teacher and Pastor.
As the fellowship started , it started a great educational and fun time.
I had so much fun and learned so much that day =D
Super Happy.
after that took pic with Our Mates =D
And that's all.. Byeee~!

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