Monday, January 31, 2011

A Brand New Year

It's a brand new year !
A new start !
I want to praise the lord in the starting of this year ! HALLELUJAH ! =D
He is just so wonderful.
He showed such mercy and so much love , 2011 started out with His deep deep love pouring down on me ^^
It started with having the chance to go to disciple training.
He SERIOUSLY knew what's best for me and what I needed.
Then, throughout this training , I once felt a little cold and abandoned as my church mates have not been in contact with me since the day I left.
But He never fails to comfort me with His special ways by showing me how beautiful the world is , how beautiful His creations were.
He taught me how to appreciate more and love others with all you have.
He gave me strength and wisdom to see the needs of others . He blessed me with these eyes to see the pain others are going through.
God also held my hands tightly and show me the way to help others.
He moved my legs to walk the path that is Right for me.
Lord knew how much I like to praise him with my voice.
He gave me a present, a gift that I treasure so much, that is the gift of having voice that sings his praises.
What else should I ask for other than to glorify him?
How could i ever repay His almighty love and grace?
I could only pray that in everything I do, everything I say glorifies him and brings joy to him.
May I use his blessings to bless more people.
May I use the blessings he gave me to help others.
2011 Here I come !

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