Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thank you

Of All the EMO post I posted, you may think I'm a super sad , down , negative person who has mood swings right?
But SERIOUSLY, I'm not if you know me. haha
The reason my posts are mostly EMO'ish is mainly because I take blogging here as a place where I can sooth my feelings.
I love all of you so much.
Those who care about me , who brings laughter and joy to me , whose smiles brighten up my days , whom always lend a helping hand and of course those who was always by my side when I needed em.
Most important, I wanna thank my god, my lord , my savior.
He is my shepherd.
Throughout my life there were times when I feel lost and weak, but He never fails to bring me back with His mighty love. His great love fills my heart with strength to move on. He nurtures me with his words and lead me back to his warmth. My Lord carries me on His shoulder when I couldn't seem to carry on , he takes my hand to show me how beautiful the world can be. He gave me courage and hope to do deeds for the society , to show pity and love for the needy.
He is JUST SO wonderful.
Thank you all that have been a part of me and will always be.
I pray that god would bless everyone of you and your families.
May we be ONE in Christ.
JLoh '2010.

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