Friday, May 29, 2009

BM Project

All of us were so concentrated today I only managed to take 1 picture with kei ^^
(left me right kei)
p.s we are pretty aren't we? XD
Today was a really really tiring day but also a day filled with laughter and a wonderful day..
Hallelujah praise the lord ..
after 2 days..
I haven't had any sleep and my nose nearly bleed because of rubbing it got better..
I had this heavy flue lately that kept me all dizzy dead lifeless.
last day of exam , I was like : FATALITY ! haha..
I couldn't even open my eyes properly.
Non stop sneezing runny nose mucus could not stop dripping.
I even had to cancel my bible study class.
>.< sorry pastor.
but I couldn't even open a bottle cap.
Thx to Eddie Sharon and Jian Shen's prayer my flue is recovering just fine
but my hand it's as if I broked it.
Pain is all I can feel now.
Thx Jie for caring about me.
anyway I had fun today
Went to Jee Yan's house ..
THankss Auntiee !! You Rock !
We had dim sum in the morning and Domino's pizza as lunch
We did our project it went really well
after the project we all went mad
Especially rachel and see kei
Those girls went INSANE !
not forgetting the word violent..
Anyway.. I can't type anymore ..
As I told you I broke my right hand..
I'm currently typing with my left hand.
had lotsa fun todayy..
Obama scared see kei so much that she screamed and scream .. LOL
thank you lord..

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