Thursday, January 07, 2010


Obviously the reason for not blogging is BUSY !
I have been trapped in piles over piles of home works just as school begins.
Forgive me people,
You won't know how it feels unless you're studying in a class like mine with teachers that are SO responsible .
" Home works are for your own good because the more you do the more you understand. " Said by most of the teachers who step in.
Yeah yeah yeah. I get the point.
then some of the teachers say " You are in 5 Belian !! Sure you all are smart and hardworking "
hahaha.. well..
That's too early to judge us by our cover.
The truth behind this ' smart ' class is...
We're just like all normal teens.
We love to play too.
We study hard and we play hard.
so... CUT Down on the home works please !
Give me some rest.
Ciaoz ~

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