Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Scary Experience I start off my holiday by goin back to my hometown which is lovely Kluang.. XD
well.. I went back with my cousin,Sam n my Gugu ^^ and as u noe.. I'm having PMR this year !! In an coincidence , Sam n I are in KT which is Technical for KH ..
And Oh Wow.. the 3 hour trip back to Kluang was the time that Sam n I had our long but fun study time.. why wud I consider it as fun? it's because da way we study is sumthing that not everyone could actually imagine..okay fine..I'll just give u an example..
1st Kepala Silinder.. ( A thing that calls itself a kepala but doesn't hav a head..) XD
aiya.. u can't imagine la.. hahha.. but if ur there.. u'll be laughing like mad..

Okay so after da 3 hour hot n long slow moving trip.. We finally got back!! Weee~ hehe.. 1st thing we did was of course.. giving everyone in Kluang a BIG BIG HUG!
Especially my jeje haha.. uncle Bae Lian n Auntie May .. Miss them so so much after the last time I got back from NZ ..
Last but Not Least.. EMILY N our new member of the family Ava Rose Yi Ran Lee Sang..
phew.. wat a long but special name ^^
Gave Em a big big hug.. then went to take a look at my angel-like niece Ava..
Oh my... she's just sooooooo sooooooo Cuteeee!!! She have rosy cheeks on both of her cheeks( just like Em ) n big eyes.. ahhh~! to think of that.. I'm starting to miss her now!!
Not to forget.. my dear Gong Gong Ah Mah.. I think they're so gonna miss my little niece when they go back to Japan.. hehe. =D
I feel like Flying to Nagoya now.. Apart from that.. I remembered I have another niece in Singapore .. haven't been able to visit her.. but I'm sure I'll be giving a visit soon after PMR.. Isabelle Here I Come ~!
hmm... oh okay.. da scary experience I was suppose to tell u all about..
Dang Dang Dang Dang..
On da way back from Kluang..
such a sad day.. 1st was to leave Kluang .. leave Ava Uncle Bae Lian Auntie May n EMILY.. oh.. and.. Thx to Emily n dear Auntie May.. I've got 3 new clothings .. I'm so touched that they actually brought me some stuff.. hehe.. happy~!

So when we're goin back .. Sam N I got tired.. so we decided not to study since we've been good girls which studied for many hours through the days in Kluang..
As we were having our beauty sleep in the car although it was hot..
Suddenly , I woke up in a shock cause my gugu actually gave me a firm grip on my arm.. making a seat belt like for my cousin as she was sitting between my gugu and I..
Sam and I was still in a blur case cause we just woke up from a deep sleep..
then only we noticed that our car Tyre hav been PUNCTURED!!!
Oh no ~!

Well I actually know that something would happened before due to my dejavu mind
haha.. Sam on the other hand had a dream being in a sandstorm while some guy told her to PUT ON UR SEAT BELT !! and so our car had a back tyre puncture..
I learn that actually tyre puncture is very dangerous for cars that are imbalance ..
It'll actually sway off the highway into the drain or eventually knock to the divider..but I'm lucky to learn that my car was in a good condition except for the tyre puncture of course..
so.. as Sam n I was finding a place that's safe to be waiting for PLUS to come n help repair our tyre puncture.. We were unaware of how dangerous it is to stand infront of the car.. because if any car that knocks my dad's car that is now at the side of the road.. it'll crush our bones..
Oh Well.. Praise The Lord that gave us wisdom n eyes to see n found a staircase like thingy that is going up the hill.. it's a drainage thingy I guess.. we sat there with nothing but our phone n a water bottle..
Not for long the PLUS guys came..
We were actually Terrified seeing the 2 PLUS guys running ACROSS THE HIGHWAY to our car.. but they were so helpful .. awww..I'm so touched..
after one n a half hour.. Our car is finally on the road again ! yay! Woo hoo~!
but ... how unlucky we were to find out there was a police car just behind us then beside us n asked us to stop..
He asked us why was our spare tyre in such a look which is Striped into pieces ..
we were like annoyed because we had just gone through a lot of trouble n now he's trying to get some money out of our pockets..He actually Insulted me because I forgotten to bring my IC along.. but come on ! everyone brought.. this is wat he said..
Police : Moi dari Thailand arhx?!
OHMYGOSH! that's so irritating ..
I told him.. in a loud voice..
well.. we don't intend of saying anymore since he's just trying to be a freak..
We went on to the nearest petrol station in a slow pace to get our tyre some air..
at the same time.. Sam and I was looking for free coffee.. n in luck..
A little booth caught my attention and in a sec I was screaming FREE COFFEE!!
haha.. so Sam and I RUSH to the booth with the board saying " Rehat Seketika"
and we were thrill to know that it was the last day to get free coffee..
hehe XD
while having coffee I saw some little kids having Milo packs in their hands.. As my curiousity grows.. Gugu asked the woman why are they milo packs ? can we have it too? she told us that it was just for kids but I was determine to get milo packs for Sam and I loved milo more than coffee.. so we tried to convince her in giving us the milo packs.. and MUAHAHAHAAAHHAHAAHA.. WE'VE SUCCEEDED ! Weee~!

hmmm.. after that we started to get Paranoid thinking of what happened to the tyre..

not for long we got home..
we took pictures of the hillarious looking tyre which is on the space of spare tyre
Exhausted we were .. n poor gugu had to drive back to her house in Damansara..
but we had fun through the days ^^ thank god we got back home safely..
Pictures will be uploaded after my PMR .. hehe
take care everyone..

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