Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Love Your Enemies

ahhhh~! going mad..
I felt soooooo frustrated this week..
I wonder how people don't get ashame of themselves for being bad , cruel , irresponsible .etc.etc.
I've got sooooo fed up lately.. normally I just get over it.. and tell myself.. everyone has a different way of living and everyone is different..
there's just nothing I can do..
but nowadays..
I feel so piss off ..
but when I was feeling so mad and when anger struck me.. suddenly I remembered God saying..
Love Your Enemies.. Love Your neighbours .. Love your brothers n sisters...
suddenly.. I dun feel so mad anymore..
but as my anger was fading I was thinking..
was I wrong to get mad at them?
at this moment.. I felt that as if the whole world was wrong and I'm the only one right..
but then I thought..
if today I were hav scolded them aloud or had eventually beaten them up today ( which is impossible ) ..
I would have been just the same as they are..
ain't that pathetic?
I hated them for what they did.. but if I did that.. I am to be the same as they are..
am I right?
Suddenly it's like a bright light shined into the dark side of my heart..
it made me warm.. it made me noticed that..
I don't have to hate them..
I just have to love them for who they are..
and everything would be so much better..
the world can have more peace..
but of course if they were to do something over the hedge..
I will not comprehend.. but I will tell them not because I don't like it..
but because I love them and I want them to know..
Love Your Enemies..
it isn't easy..
but when you're willing to try..
it is always waiting for you ..
Sorry , thank you , your welcome.
even these words are hard to say..
why love our enemies? cause when u hate them ..
you're making yourself feel the pain.. you feel annoyed , angered. etc etc..
anything but happy..
but if you were to love them..
you can go through your everyday happily..
we have to go through everyday whether happily or sadly.. so why not we live n dance through it happily?
love is truly amazing..
May god bless you today with my love and the love of our mighty lord..
I love you for God first loved me..

We love because he first loved us..

And thank god .. I am learning to love not just my love ones but my enemies and other people in this world..
Praise The Lord !!

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