Friday, January 02, 2009

God Sent An Angel

It was the last day of the year 2008 ..
I went to church at around 9pm for a sharing session b4 heading towards KLCC to countdown..
During the sharing session..
I ought to be honest..
It's amazing.. It was as if Teacher could read my mind.. I guess it was god telling me to overcome my fears rather than trying to hide from it..
Teacher said..
I'm really dissapointed that alot among u all aren't sharing ur heart..
This is not what your heart is thinking..
At that very moment..
my heart broke.. It hurt.. For I know deep inside.. I was the one..
I was trying to cover up my pain my scar with a fake smile that seemed obvious ..
in the end I still didn't pour it out because it was over.. but I shared that.. 2008 truly was the year that I shed the most tears I had the most scars mentally and a year filled with depression and unbelieveble miracles..
A heartbroken year but also a year with massive impact into my life..
A year that made me live to the fullest.. A year that made me grow..
A year that let me noticed the pain was not all I felt..
A year I gained alot.. A year I gave alot..
Happiness and Sadness were just a line between..
I could have chose to be sad but I decided to be happy..
I cud have said I quit but I said I'm walking through it with His blessings in me..
People hated me for not knowing I was hurting for their good..
And loved me in the end for I had done it for their good..
They lost my faith in them for they have never care more than themselves..
They killed their friendships without mercy and begged for mercy to have it back..
People walk by without noticing the people in the shadows.. the ones that needed the most.. and still complain about their lives ..
Luxurious may mean alot but they may take alot from you too..
Learn to Forgive and Forget.. Or you shall not be forgiven either..
People ask for your forgiveness and you reject them without thinking..
but the other way around you call people mean when they won't forgive you..
You never care for others but u expect others to care for you..
You want others to give you a chance but you do not take the chance..
etc.. etc..
Through another year..
alot more learnt..
but to change.. is another experience and a life long practice..
2009 here I come !!

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