Thursday, November 12, 2009


You know how much I heart my friends.
And I bet you know how blessed I am to have Friends like them.
But how deep is one's relationship with another?
So deep that you would scold your friend really hard when they're doing something that would hurt themselves?
Tell your friend that his/her hair is really messy when it really is?
Still care for your friend even though you haven't met him/her for ages?
Don't mind even though he/she misses your birthday party ?
Be there for him/her whenever they need you?
Lend a warm shoulder , wipe of him/her tears , cheer him/her up in the middle of the night?

I'm so willing my friends.
So are you still hesitating if you would do it?
Would a silly little fight hurt the relationship between u and ur friend?
Will a few years abandon your friendship?
Can some misunderstandings ruin your friendship?
Are you doubting your trust and faith in your friend?
If you are, Think again, maybe you haven't been having a deep relationship with your friends.
Let's have deep relationships from today onwards..
Say bye to the hi-bye relationships and Hello to the heart to heart passion.

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