Wednesday, October 13, 2010


True enough I was running away from how I was feeling.
I knew somehow I wasn't feeling good, no, not a bit.
But I hung on, I stood still. Nothing could move me.
I smiled and gave good replies.
Somehow I even lost my stand in the end.
But the one thing I could not accept was - No one saw what I was going through.
My closest friends. They too did not know yet kept poking into the scar digging for more fun.
Yes. I was left with wounds.
But as I imagine myself on the beach.
There was only a pair of footsteps.
And those who could only belong to my beloved Lord.
Why was there only a pair you may ask.
Cause he was carrying me all the way.
Thank you lord.
I shall face it with courage and faith in you, Only You.
As I say this again and again.
Only You.
God bless ya'all.

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