Monday, April 27, 2009

Ke Xin Bday

Really sorry to ke xin.. haha
coz this year was kinda bz..
so actually didn't give out too much of a think on your birthday..
but really hope u like the bottle ^^
my dear..
we have been friends for so long as I can remember..
I guess everything that should be said has been said..
what should be done has been done.. =)
I guess the more we go through , the stronger our bonds get..
when I'm together with you.. I feel safe ^^ I feel that there is some one who can understand me..
when I'm with you.. I feel like doing something for you..
I pray to god today. that Mighty Lord would take care of you and bless u with blessings flowing like waterfall..
If a tree was to be a blessing.. I would want to give you a jungle my dear..
Happy Birthday Girl !!
ur older now XD
take care yahz!
God bless ya!

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