Tuesday, September 22, 2009

16th Birthday

My 16th birthday was dramatically amazing yet teary.
1st that I wanna say is..
All the tears n all the love I spread out was too much of the worth.
But seriously you guys didn't have to celebrate for me ..
Because to see you all grow in the love of Christ, is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my life.
I am so glad that I can see all the changes and the maturity from all of you.

I'll start with Shen..
Oh darling.. I remembered you as a really smart, intelligent , sporty , noisy , crazy and mature at the right time person. As time went on, you grew perfectly great.
You start to pour out your love for one another and I could see your effort into learning the words of god. You learned how to cast your burden to our mighty lord. Hallelujah praise the lord.
You are such a great leader =) I'm really sorry that sometimes I may be really harsh with you and you may feel that I'm treating you really bad.. but believe me.. I know.. haha.. remember you told me that don't treat you too good in case you'll start to become really nosy? well I remembered. I was trying to help you so you could be a down to earth person for you're so talented darling.. but many of the people here aren't as talented =) they may feel pressured towards you. As you know you are blessed with all your needs , many aren't as fortunate =)
Hope you'll understand one day.. deep inside I love you so dearly.. I can see that you're trying your best to balance your time between the hectic life you have, and I'm sure you'll do just fine , god bless you.

2nd , Yin Sing
Oh my .. who's that pretty girl over there? haha.. yeah.. dear yin sing..
I'm so glad that I have been given the chance to walk with you through sorrow through joy.. To love you with all my heart . To pray for you each and everyday. You've been through alot yes I know. But hope in the future you could learn to forget the past.. Forgive and forget .. Forgive others so that our father shall forgive us. Let us forget the past and run towards the future =D
I love you honey.. you are a very talented girl , hope you'll keep it up in serving our lord =) god bless you sugar. You make my life seemed much more colorful.

3rd Eric
Look.. you've grown so so much.. You've grown alot of maturity through the years. But boy, you've got to keep it up ya =) you are a person with a kind heart ,
lovely caring character and a really helpful person. Thank god he gave me such a wonderful person. =D I'm so glad that I was chosen to be by your side to watch you grow. And by watching you grow.. I feel joy rushing through my blood. Happiness filled my heart . May you learn to control your temper even better in the future ya... Loves

4th Jun.
Jun Jun Jun.. How touched I was by reading your letter. Everyday of my life being spent with you is a chapter in my heart that will never fade . By watching you grow into a person passionate towards our lord gives such an incredible feeling to me. Amazing grace it is. I thank the lord so much by making it possible for me to stand by you whenever you need me. You are a fantastic person.
From an emotional girl to a happy cheerful sister. How amazing can that be?
Unbelievable but Believe it =D

5th Edgar
If I'm not mistaken this would be the 1st post abt you. haha.
Edgar oh edgar , you are a person who's so responsible , cute yet naughty.
haha. You've always brighten up my gloomy days. haha. I'm so glad you can still join us. But I hope you'll grow into a person who is further more interested in knowing our lord.. our father .. Let us go deeper into His love =D I love u boy.. haha.

6th Worm.
Worm oh worm. how long have we been playing together. Since 5 or 6? =D
you're always a great person. Deep inside , you're a very caring person. I know. haha. Although sometimes people may say you're a cool person with no hard feelings.. but I believe you're a kind person with alot of talent. You're such a good listener yet a great friend. I hope we can march our way towards a brighter future together =) JiaYou ya. I know you could do better than that dear =) trust in yourself n the lord who created you.. You are special to me =D

7th Jun Lv
Jun Lv.. haven't been that close with you lately. haha. But believe me I care about you alot =D you are so cute n you know that. You're a funny person , a down to earth person yet easy going. I hope you could keep it up and give your soul and heart to our lord. For He have always taken care of you and blessed you with all your needs =D Don't keep things to yourself yea. I'm always ready to be your listener . All the best in life.

Last Kim Foeng
Hey .. I want my present from you. haha. Let me see a new you k? I would always be here for you darling. To wipe off your tears, to listen to you, to give you warm hugs when you need it , etc.etc. I hope today our lord would fill your heart with Love and Joy .. I would really like to see a cheerful and happy girl who has laughter n joy with her everyday. May our mighty lord take away all your burdens and bless you with peace =)

Lots Of Love,

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