Sunday, July 12, 2009

2 meaningful days..

Pictures will be uploaded after awhile kay..
had 2 meaningful days in a row.
Saturday was the best day so far..
although we were all exhausted but we had sooooo much fun..
especially with our concept..
I'm so glad to have rocky as our designer..
his ideas are extraordinary and he is such a lovely person..
His art is fascinating I would say..
Really satisfied by the product of our project..
especially the BIG CUTE HEART..
gosh it ROCKED ..
I bet it'll blow all da ppl away..
Everyone must come and support us Eternal Life Club yeah !!
but I'm kinda feel disappointed that I won't have the chance to see our fellow twin club Scripture Union's Whale Head..
their concept are equally interesting as ours.
good job people =)
you all deserve a big round of applause .
bravo bravo.
Cheers to both of our club design =)
as for today..
I had a heart to heart talk with my sis n bro in christ..
they're friendship with me are 10 and 12 respectively..
he asked me a question that made me learn to be even more sensitive than I am before.. I guess I have to dig out even more love for both of them..
Love you guys yeah..
I'm so glad that we're finally all matured and are all speaking words of maturity
furthermore added by words of wisdom.
Praise the lord..

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