Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Am I left hopeless?
=) a smile covers the scar.
I wanted so much to see the light in the darkness but can I ?
I will never be a part of you all, I do not dare to hope for either.
I know no matter how hard I try to fit myself in.
This is Fate. This is the end.
Thank you so much for have sometimes took care of me.
But I will stop trying to fit in for now I know, I can't.
And I shall not try any harder and accept the fact.
I am but a fool =)
I will face it with bravery and courage.
No tears shall be shed for I shall not care.
I can see clearly now.
Dim the lights . The darkness concurred .
Even Mother Teresa had felt this.
I am now experiencing the loneliness deep inside.
who will know?
who might care?
Even the friend that I thought was the closest to me , she too do not understand otherwise she could not have hurt me so deep.
But this is Life.
Thou I shall stop the effort and say my prayer.

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